The quickest way to get started with the Claimable API. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

The Claimable Developer Hub provides everything you need to know to build an integration using the Claimable API.

πŸ€” Start With the Basics

If you're new to API's or just want to learn more about Claimable and our API, this is a great place to get started.

πŸ”‘ Getting an API Token

To start making requests to the Claimable API you'll need an API token, which is a bit like a password but not tied to a specific user.

You can create as many API tokens as you need, but it's important to keep them safe. In the following guides we explain everything you need to know.

πŸš€ Making Your First API Request

Before you start coding it's a good idea to try out some requests using an API explorer tool. Our API reference has one built in, or you can use something like the popular Postman application (we do!) to experiment with the API before you even write a line of code!

Read more to find out how:

πŸ“˜ API Reference

Once you're ready to start building your integration, our API Reference explains the available endpoints and the operations you can perform on each.

First, we recommend reading about each object in the API to get an overview of what's available and the data structure of each.


Once you've got a good idea of what each object looks like, move on to discover the available endpoints and the various operations you can perform on each.


πŸ’¬ We're here to help!

If you get stuck or have any questions about the Claimable API, or just need to bounce ideas off someone technical πŸ€“, let us know via the live-chat or email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!

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