API Requests

The headers, methods and URL needed to configure your API requests.

πŸ”  Request Headers

Every request you make to the Claimable API should include the following request headers.

Header NameValueDescription
Acceptapplication/jsonTells the API to respond with the JSON format. The Claimable API only supports JSON.
AuthorizationBearer {{YOUR_API_TOKEN}}Authenticates your API request with the provided API token.
Content-Typeapplication/jsonWhen making PATCH or POST request add this header to tell the Claimable API you're sending a JSON payload.

πŸ”€ Methods

The Claimable API supports only the following HTTP methods to perform the corresponding operation for the given endpoint.

HTTP MethodAPI Operation
GETFetch a resource/s.
POSTCreate a resource.
PATCHUpdate a resource. Accepts partial updates of only the provided attributes.
DELETEDeletes a resource.

ℹ️ URL

All API request URLs comprises three parts: API Base + Endpoint Path + Query Parameters

URL ComponentValueDescription
Base URL (required)https://api.claimable.comThe base for all API requests. Must use https://.
Endpoint Path (required)/{{ENDPOINT_PATH}}
(e.g. /claims)
A path pointing to a supported endpoint. See the full list in the API Reference.
Query Parameters (optional)?{{PARAM}}={{VALUE}}...
(e.g. s=smith)
If supported by the endpoint, you can optionally pass additional information to the API as query parameters in the request URL.




What are Query Parameters

You can use query parameters to provide additional context to the API in the form of variables (key/value pairs) appended to the endpoint URL.

You should never send sensitive/private information as query parameters.