What is a webhook?

Get notified when key events of interest happen, as they happen.

Webhooks can be thought of as notifications between systems, when one system can notify another of a key event, avoiding the need to keep checking for something of interest. A bit like how your phone notifies you of a new email or text message, rather than requiring you to continually check for something new, webhooks notify you of important things, as they happen, without you having to frequently poll for changes.

We offer webhooks as part of our API. When an event of interest happens in your Claimable account, such as a new claim being created or the status of a claim changing, we will send a request to a URL you provide, called an "endpoint", containing relevant details of the event and the record it relates to.

Therefore, instead of having to regularly request data from our API, webhooks avoid the need to regularly poll for changes and allow your system to react immediately to an event as it happens in Claimable, in near real-time, such as to send a confirmation email, keep synced data up-to-date or as a trigger to perform some other processing.

Because we will tell you when something of interest has happened, you don't need to make scheduled API requests, just to check for the presence of a record or monitor important attributes as the state of a record changes.


Contact Support to Setup Your Webhook Endpoints

Please contact us via the support chat or email [email protected] to request one or more webhook endpoints to be configured on your account. For each endpoint, please provide the following information:

  • The URL of your endpoint. And;
  • The events you'd like it to be subscribed to.