API authentication is like a user logging in, but you need to do it on every request.

The Claimable API uses the HTTP Bearer method of authentication. This requires that every API request includes the following HTTP header:

Authorization: Bearer {{YOUR_API_TOKEN}}


Need an API Token?

If you don't already have an API token, visit the Getting an API Token section to get started.


API Token Security

Always keep your API tokens confidential and never share them outside your company or commit them to source control.

See Securing API Tokens for guidance and best practice.

πŸ‘€ Activity Logging

For all requests made via the Claimable API, in places where user activity is shown in the Claimable interface, your API token name will be displayed, rather than a specific user.

This makes it easy to see which activity comes from the API versus a real user, for example:


This contact is "Created By" an API Token rather than human user.